Thank you for visiting Fast Four Media. You’re probably reading this because you have a question…
Where did all the videos go?

Unfortunately, we ran into an issue with which involved the termination of our account. That account contained every video we’ve filmed since day one. Since they terminated that account, all of our on-demand videos have been lost with the termination. Vimeo did not give us a chance to recover old files, so they’re gone unless we slave away to edit them once again. The raw files are on hard drives, but would require re-editing to get everything back to how it was.

With that said, we conducted a poll on Instagram, which allowed our fans to vote on our fate. The options were to charge a subscription fee and recover everything we had, or keep the videos free, but not repost anything lost in the termination. Seventy-three percent of people wanted the videos to remain free, so we will NOT be reposting old footage.

Past events will gradually make their way back on the website, but most races won’t return. Events such as the Outlaw Kart Showcase, California Speedweek, Wild West Shootout, etc. will likely return. If you have an event request to recover, please email Any compensation for the time spent to recover a requested event will raise the odds of it returning to the website.

Thank you,
Fast Four Media.

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