1. Distribution
– All content provided on fastfourmedia.com is owned, and licensed, by FASTFOUR, LLC. and cannot be used, copied, broadcasted, reproduced, distributed, displayed, sold, licensed, or serviced for any other purpose without the prior written consent of FASTFOUR, LLC. Unlawful distribution of FASTFOUR, LLC. content is subject to penalty by the fullest extent of the law and/or termination of any active membership(s), account(s), order(s), service(s) or accessibility.

2. Purchases
– By entering your payment information, you authorize FASTFOUR, LLC. to charge your payment method the amount listed on the membership until you cancel, or modify, your subscription. If the membership is a recurring membership, you authorize FASTFOUR, LLC. to continuously bill your payment method until canceled, or modified, by the user. FASTFOUR, LLC. is not responsible for your membership, and will not be held accountable for any funds spent during the billing period regardless of the amount of content posted during that time.

3. Memberships
– Monthly and Yearly Platinum Memberships will bill you the same day in the future depending on the term selected. For Monthly, you will receive a full month membership regardless of the day purchased, and day canceled. For example, if purchased on June 14th, your Monthly Membership will bill again on July 14th. Upon cancelling, your membership will still continue until your time period is expired.

4. Refunds
– FASTFOUR, LLC. holds the discretion on refund policy. For single day purchases, your payment will automatically be refunded in the event of a rainout, cancellation or equipment failure. For Platinum Members, refunds are ineligible for rainout(s), cancellation(s) or equipment failure. Platinum Members can request a refund for up to five (5) days within the billing date if the membership was no longer wanted.

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