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With our Platinum status, you will be able to watch live broadcasts without paying pay-per-view fees. Setup your account with Platinum, and then forget about purchasing your favorite events. Tune in only when it’s convenient for you. 

For $300 per year, you will enjoy Platinum status on our website.
As opposed to subscribing to the Monthly Plan for 12 months, you will save $60 every year by choosing the Yearly Plan.

Here is a list of the races you will be able to enjoy with Platinum:
– HighBanks Hustle
– Mark Hagopian Memorial
– John Hinck Championship
– Terry Sprague Memorial
– Red Bluff Outlaws
– Cycleland Speedway
– King of the Wing

DISCLAIMER: By purchasing a Platinum Membership, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to monitor and manage your membership status at all times. Regardless of the amount of events shown during any year, your Platinum Membership will re-bill until you cancel, or until you contact a FASTFOUR representative regarding cancellation. It is against company policy for a FASTFOUR representative to cancel your membership without your request/consent. If you forget to cancel, and no longer wanted your membership, you will have up to five (5) days to request a refund, but only if an event had not been shown from the renewal date to the day you contact us for the refund. Please email if you have any questions. 

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